Beautiful,  Custom Jewelry Design from Vermont
Hand Crafted Jewelry in Vermont



Vermont Custom Jewelry Designer - Tossy Garrett


As the owner, designer, and model carver for Tossi Jewelry, I bring over 18 years of experience and a rich design sense to your custom work. It is my passionate belief that handmade objects carry intrinsic meaning.  In this time of mass-production we are becoming disconnected from this meaning. Hand-made custom rings involve you in the creation process, resulting in rings that carry their own story, their own intention. My jewelry education began in Italy and continues with master classes throughout the States. Travels in Turkey, India and Ireland have brought a deep global history to my designs. I also have a commitment to the environment and giving back to my community. I use all recycled precious metals in my rings and also volunteer my time in various capacities locally.



Creative Process

There are two aspects to my custom process; ideas and physical creating. The idea, or design, phase often takes the longest since there is a lot of brainstorming, feedback and adjusting of designs. It is a fun and collaborative process. The actual jewelry creation is a focused, quiet time which takes place in my studio. 

I generally hand-carve my designs in wax which are then cast in your choice of precious metals, although I also incorporate fabrication, engraving, and other techniques. I can supply a wide array of stones, from diamonds to US-mined gems. I do offer re-casting of your heirloom gold, and can set other heirloom stones as well.

I take photos along the way to involve you in the process - even if we are working long-distance - and I'm always open to questions! Your custom jewelry is created with a story and history that will only grow with time as you wear it.